Many people think they know how to clean their ears at-home. Many of these people don’t have the right training in hearing health, so they end up using unsafe methods that can damage their hearing. To prevent the buildup of wax in our ears, we all do it at home. What methods do you use? Here are some ear cleaning techniques you should avoid.

Ear drops

Ear drops are a popular choice for people who don’t like the idea of putting physical objects in their ears. However, they do more than you might think. Ear drops do more than just remove wax from your ears. It breaks down the wax and softens it so it can be removed naturally. However, ear drops can pose a number of risks. One of them is infection. You are at greater risk of developing an ear infection if you use these drops frequently. This is especially true if you have bacteria in your ear when you insert the drops.

You should instead visit your audiologist to have your ears cleaned. This way of cleaning your ears is not only safer than any other.

Cotton swabs

This is the most popular method people use to clean their ears. You could end up causing damage to the inner ear if you push these cotton buds in too deeply. They are also large pieces of cotton that are inserted into the ear. This can lead to ear wax getting deeper into the ear than you cleaning it. The result is that the wax buildup in your ears will become so severe that it will be more difficult to remove than if it was cleaned by an audiologist.

Picks and scoops for the ear

Another popular way to clean your ears is by using a syringe. These small instruments are used to remove the wax from your ears. Many people are unaware that the inner ear is delicate. Even the slightest mistake could cause injury. You could also have picked up bacteria from the ear if they weren’t cleaned properly. Keep small metal objects out of your ears. Talk to your audiologist about the best way to clean your ears. To ensure that your ears are clean and safe, you can schedule an appointment with a professional.

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