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Hearing Aid Service & Repair

Our trained technicians and certified partners have the knowledge and expertise to solve your repair woes. Stop by one of our offices today and we’ll help you get back into the conversation.

Hearing Aids

Ears 2 Hear and our staff are here to help with your hearing journey. Whether you have been a wearer of hearing aids for a very long time, or maybe you
are just doing your research, we are here to help! Our staff has knowledge not only of the PRESCRIPTIVE HEARING AIDS available but also OTC options that can help with your hearing needs. We partner and have accounts with many brands and companies to help find YOUR best solution to YOUR personal hearing journey.


Unitron and Ears 2 Hear want you to live life to the fullest and enjoy all the sounds that come with it. Unitron’s newest product platform, Vivante, has their best sound performance yet, by automatically adjusting to your lifestyle. With rechargeable and battery options the Vivante hearing aid will seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. Whether you want Bluetooth connection with your device, or you need other accessories like Remote Control, PartnerMic, TV Connector, and Roger Direct, Unitron is here to meet your needs.


The Starkey Genesis product line is a platform that not only brings some of the longest battery life in a rechargeable, but also has a coating upgrade that makes this product WATERPROOF. Starkey also offers a custom In The Ear hearing aid that is rechargeable. Not only will this hearing connect to many new cell phones, but the app also allows on the go adjustments to help fit all of life’s environments. With accessories available for TV and external Mics, as well as Fall Detection this aid can help with continued INDEPENDENCE the wearer desires.


Widex’s Moment Sheer Platform with PureSound technology is your next step to quality of life with hearing more naturally. Widex has been providing quality products for many years and their products as well as the support you will gain from the Ears 2 Hear staff will help you on Your Hearing Journey. The solutions are seamless at integrating into your life and functioning on a day-today basis. This product is another that will connect directly to many phones giving you Bluetooth capabilities and more control over the hearing aids. With many accessories to fit all your needs, come give Widex a try.

CustOm Ear Plugs


At any of our offices you can also have custom plugs made for you or your family.


We specialize in shooter’s as well as swimmer’s ear plugs.


MILITARY PILOTS Our specialists are able to help with the design of custom ear pieces for your flight helmets.



Custom Ear Monitors can mean the difference between great sound and extraordinary.


We can order your custom in-ears plugs or make the impressions of your ears for you to send.

What material are your custom in-ears made of?
The shells are made of hard acrylic plastic. It happens to be the most durable AND the most hypoallergenic.
How long do you make your canal?
The length of our canals goes past the 2nd bend in the ear. We make them as long as possible without causing discomfort to your inner ear.