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Earnie is a cause driven Cartoon Character, who is managing his own fundraising efforts to help understand everything about EARS and bring solutions for better hearings all around;

Earnie will also show you how you can “earn” some “Earnie-points”

Earnie will not only bring updated news to his audience, but will also work with children, helping them to elevate the understanding about hearing-loss and its different levels, and how to detect it early and what can be done to improve the hearing on all levels;

Earnie will also start introducing some basic sign language for the whole family to learn to better communicate with each other;

Earnie will have an extra educational section in the newsletter of E2H ;

Earnie will show you a Merchandise Boutique, where you can order all kinds of great gifts.


An old man was just fitted with hearing aids and hearing better than he had in a decade.

He came back into the office a week after being fit, and the audiologist asked him, “How are your hearing aids working?”

the old man: “Good, I’ve changed my will three times already!”

The 40 year old son to his dad: “Dad, I am thinking moving back home”

Dad: “Pardon me?” and is thinking… Dear God, please tell me it’s just a faulty hearing aid..

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