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There are many treatment options for Tinnitus. It is crucial to identify the root cause of your tinnitus before you can discuss and implement treatment options. Not all treatments work for every cause. When you have tinnitus, consult an audiologist for help.


It could be a simple solution to your tinnitus. You could simply remove the buildup of wax in your ears or change your medication. Tinnitus can sometimes be linked to many different conditions, so it is possible to combine several treatment options.


There are many treatment options that can help someone with tinnitus.

  • These white noise machines can be very useful at bedtime, or in the office. These machines emit white noise to the room to drown out any tinnitus sounds. These machines are particularly effective at bedtime, helping people fall asleep quickly and efficiently.
  • Tinnitus masking features can be included in hearing aids. Hearing aids can mask tinnitus and help to reduce hearing loss, if you have it. Hearing aids can be used even if you don’t have hearing loss. They stop the ringing and buzzing sensations inside your ears easily and comfortably.
  • Tinnitus retention therapy is another effective treatment. Tinnitus rehabilitation therapy is a method that allows a person to listen to a specific tone to treat their tinnitus. The brain will then be able to adjust to the sound and learn to ignore it. This process requires counseling.


Finding an audiologist who is comfortable with you is the most important aspect of tinnitus management. Your audiologist will help you find the best possible treatment for your tinnitus. Make sure you communicate honestly and openly with them. Your audiologist wants to make sure you are happy with your treatment.

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