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Ear Wax

Earwax- the Good, the Bad, the It’s Healthy???

Within the realm of working with the ears and hearing, we are often asked daily about ear wax and its significance. Earwax often has a bad reputation, when in fact; earwax is a way the body is trying to protect your ears and all of the working parts within. If you have ever had an appointment with a Hearing Aid Specialist, Audiologist, or Otolaryngologist (ENT) you may have heard the term cerumen used versus earwax.

Cerumen is what most people refer to as earwax. This cerumen is vital in helping maintain healthy ears. Cerumen starts at the Tympanic Membrane (Ear Drum) and works its way out of ear through the process called Epithelial Migration. Cerumen acts a barrier against dirt and bad bacteria, while also helping moisturize and keep our ear canal clean and healthy. The amount of cerumen that a person creates is affected by many factors but you shouldn’t allow this fact of life to worry you.

One of the best ways that you can help your ears get rid of the cerumen is by allowing the epithelial migration to work on its own. You often hear the saying, “Don’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear”. The fact is by sticking anything in your ear, you take the risk of harming yourself and creating more issues with the cerumen inside.  You can flush your ears with warm water in the shower, unless otherwise directed by a physician, but allowing the natural process is the best process for “cleaning our ears”.

Now there are always cases that require patients to have cerumen management, which should be done by a professional. If you feel that you are that patient, make an appointment with your local physician, hearing aid specialist, or audiologist and have them check your ears.  We would love to help you. Call us to schedule your appointment. 

Brian Simmons, HAS

Ears 2 Hear Hearing Center

Check out the link to this article on 9 Things to Know about Earwax by Kevin St. Clergy written on August 19, 2020


Allowing the natural process is the best process for “cleaning our ears”.