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Hearing Loss

Communicating with Hearing Loss During Covid-19

The Covid-19 World has brought many difficulties to those with hearing loss. From social distancing to the wearing of mask, those with hearing loss have lost many key ways that they better communicate. So the question that the hearing healthcare community started looking to address is how we can help overcome these difficulties. 

Although we all are looking forward to a day where we see the smiling faces of our neighbors again, we know that in the present moment we must begin the journey to helping those with loss during current times. 

The Problems those with Hearing Loss are Facing

People with hearing loss typically have more difficulty when they are not facing or close to those they are in conversation with. Even subconsciously, people read lips in harder listening environments, this is a key factor in conversing with someone with hearing loss. Add a mask and social distancing to the equation and this becomes an even greater task for a listener with hearing loss. This is causing many to feel as though they are losing some of their independence. They are disheartened by having to ask those to repeat.

Solutions that We are Implementing

With the technology available in hearing aids today, we can help with creating a program that will increase clarity and focus on those that an individual is trying to communicate with. Different hearing aid companies may describe these changes as different unique programs they have created, but with any of our models we are able to help with creating these custom programs to help our patients with their hearing needs. 

Reality of the Struggle

The reality of the difficulties these with hearing troubles have is that working together is the only way for us to help overcome these difficulties. While we are conversing with anyone, we need to make sure we are enunciating and know that speaking is not a race. We need to slow down and speak clearly. The face shields available are allowing those with hearing needs to see our mouths move which help as well. If you or someone you know is having more issues during this time, please take time to call us and speak with a specialist on ways that we may be able to help. Do not let your hearing be the excuse that keeps you out of the conversation. There is help available. 

covid hearing loss

From social distancing to the wearing of mask, those with hearing loss have lost many key ways that they better communicate. There is help available.